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About Vishka company

Our Company supplies metals and other industrial products to the manufacturing companies of Armenia.

Vishka company offers more than 1000 products, which are available in the warehouses. This company's priority is to deliver excellent customer service, flexible price policy, product variety and the continuous product development.

How our company works

Our company cooperates with customers not only at the time of the purchase but also supports with preparation and usage. "Vishka" tries to fully satisfy their customers' needs.

Our capabilities

The company's warehouses are replenished with various equipments which allows to load and unload goods. We make metal cutting according to the required dimensions. Our trucks carry out a safe transportation, offering customers the opportunity to save time.

Our team

The Vishka company consists of professional specialists that are ready to combine all their knowledge and experience and help customers make the best solution.

The history of Vishka company

Our company was founded in 2005, having new achievements year by year.

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Signing contracts with Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian metallurgical plants

In 2006, Vishka signed agreements with metallurgical plants of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. As a result, Vishka became an importing company, and the company's staff expanded.

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The new warehouse located at 78 Shirak Street started operating

In 2007, a new warehouse at 78 Shirak Street was opened, which allowed to increase sales. Vishka company has a wide range of products and is constantly increasing the number of goods.

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The company started importing pipe fittings, timber wood cuts

In 2009, imports and sales were highly increased. Company also started importing pipe fittings, sawdust, that Armenian industrial enterprises need.

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The scope of international cooperation has expanded

From 2010 to 2014, the scope of international cooperations was expanded. Vishka became the regional representative of these large enterprises: - "TMK" Trade House (Russia) - "EURAz Holding" Trading House (Russia) - "Druzhkovsky Metallurgical Plant" (Ukraine) - "Belarusian Metallurgical Plant" (Belarus)

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The detailed store of "Vishka" LLC was opened

In 2016, Vishka opened new retail store at 77 Artashisyan Street. This store allows our customers to have a great choice from metal products and a variety of construction products. The warehouses were also expanded and as a result sales increased.

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Signing cooperation agreements with two large foreign companies

From 2018 to 2020, the key achievement of Vishka company became the signing cooperation agreements with two large foreign companies. "Vishka" LLC became the official representative of the "Hardox" and "Yaroslavl paints" factories. "Vishka" LLC continues to expand its assortments and offer flexible pricing strategy.

Why you should choose Vishka company

Wide and constantly updating new products, the availability of the necessary products in the warehouses and also the support of our professional team before, during and after the purchase makes Vishka your best choice. Vishka company - all the products you need in one place.

Vishka Company

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